Isle of Wight

25 June 2018


12.15 pm All have arrived safely at the docks and are waiting to board the ferry.  Further updates to follow........

1.20 pm After a lovely ferry crossing the group have arrived in the Isle of Wight....Next stop Carisbrooke Castle.

3.30 pm Having enjoyed the afternoon at Carisbrooke Castle they are now heading to the hotel.  Very hot but everyone is still smiling!

4.15 pm Lots of very impressed children have just arrived at the hotel.  Many smiles and wows at how nice the hotel is and its wonderful location. 

9.10 pm Mr Fensham Brown has just reported that everyone has had a wonderful evening at the beach.  All are having showers now and then it will be lights out by 10pm for a well deserved nights sleep.

Updates to follow tomorrow.